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The Manifest Spotlights Jayme Cowley Media Co. as Vancouver’s Most Reviewed Video Production Leader

Looking for a reliable full-service production partner? Jayme Cowley Media Co. is the right team for you. Founded in 2018, we’re a dedicated partner that puts an emphasis on original, inspired, and expressive content. Our team is filled with intensely passionate professionals who are ready to go the extra mile and think outside of the box for your video production needs.

Today is an extremely proud moment for us because we’re celebrating a fantastic honor made possible by our wonderful clients. Just recently, we caught wind that Jayme Cowley Media Co. was featured in the B2B research on The Manifest. According to their report, our team is among Vancouver’s most reviewed and recommended video production agencies for 2023!

For clearer context, The Manifest is an independent B2B news resource designed to help browsers connect with proven service providers. Each year, the platform holds an awards cycle to highlight the top companies that share remarkable relationships with their clients. The awardees are determined by the number of earnest testimonials and recommendations they’ve received over the preceding twelve months.

This award reflects the great partnerships we’ve shared with our lovely clients throughout the years. It’s the fruit of our hard work and we’re genuinely ecstatic to share this moment with them.

Thank you so much to all of our clients, especially those who took the time out of their busy schedules to review our services. We truly appreciate your trust and support.

Tell your story with Jayme Cowley Media Co.! Connect with us and let us know what ideas you have in mind! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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